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California Supreme Court Tells Apple What “Hours Worked” Means

In response to a question from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, the California Supreme Court has explained what the term “hours worked” means, as it is used in the California wage orders. The case involved a class action claim that Apple should pay its retail store employees for the time Read More

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Home Rule Does Not Preempt California Minimum Wage Law

Article XI, section 5 of the California Constitution grants charter cities “plenary authority . . . to provide . . . the manner in which, the method by which, the times at which, and the terms for which the several municipal officers and employees whose compensation is paid by the city shall be elected or Read More

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Second Meal Period Waivers for Health Care Employees

The California Labor Code generally requires employers to provide employees who work more than five hours with a 30-minute meal period, and to provide employees who work more than 10 hours with an additional 30-minute meal period. An employee who works no more than six hours may waive the meal period, and an employee who works no more than 12 Read More

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