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New FMLA Regulations

The U.S. Department of Labor has issued its long-awaited amendments to its regulations under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Published on November 17, 2008, the new rules will take effect on January 16, 2009. The Department issued a press release that summarizes the changes. The full text of the publication in the Federal Register is available here. The Department has also published a fact sheet that describes the amendments.

The basics of FMLA remain the same, but employers should take note of the following significant changes:

1. The Department has exercised its authority under the new military family leave provisions of the FMLA to define the qualifying exigencies for which employees with relatives who are in the National Guard or Reserves can use FMLA leave as follows: (1) short-notice deployment, (2) military events and related activities, (3) childcare and school activities, (4) financial and legal arrangements, (5) counseling, (6) rest and recuperation, (7) post-deployment activities, and (8) other activities that the employer and employee agree on.

2. When paid leave is substituted for FMLA leave, all forms of employer paid leave (vacation, sick leave, personal time off, and so on) will be treated the same.

3. The regulations revamp the employer notice obligations. Employers must provide (1) a general notice about FMLA rights, (2) an eligibility notice, (3) a rights and responsibilities notice, and (4) a designation notice. The regulations include new forms to assist employers in complying with their notice obligations. The forms (which include ones tailored to the new military family leave provisions) do not yet appear independently on the Department’s website, but are included as appendixes to the regulations.

4. The regulations rework the medical certification process, and provide a new suggested form for obtaining certification. California employers should note that the new Form WH-380 medical certification still asks the medical provider for “medical facts” (including “diagnosis”) about the employee’s condition. A California Family Rights Act regulation prohibits employers from obtaining such information without patient authorization.

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