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Legal Services To Limit Employer Liability

We defend employers against employee claims

No employer likes to get sued. We lessen the discomfort by:

  1. Establishing personal contact with the appropriate client decision-makers at the outset, and maintaining constant communication about the status of the case.
  2. Investigating allegations promptly and providing an early assessment of the likelihood of liability, and the damages exposure.
  3. Exploring the prospects for resolution of the case through a dispositive motion without going to trial.
  4. Discussing the possible advantages of alternative dispute resolution by way of arbitration, mediation or settlement.
  5. Keeping costs down by limiting our billable activities to those essential to the litigation, and by charging hourly rates that are substantially below those charged by large firms.
  6. Aggressively asserting the employer’s position until the matter is resolved.

We provide counseling on employment law issues

Employers are constantly called upon to make judgment calls about how to deal with their employees. Common sense suggests one course of action, but the employer worries that the employment laws may require a different course. For a low monthly fee, you can call us any time such an issue arises. We will guide you to the correct answer, based on our legal expertise and many years of practical experience in dealing with employment law issues in the workplace.

We train managers, supervisors and employees

California law requires employers to take all reasonable steps to prevent harassment from occurring, and mandates two hours of training on harassment issues for all managers and supervisors every two years. To avoid being subjected to crippling liability under the wage and hour laws, employers should also make sure that their managers and supervisors have a basic understanding of those laws. We offer low cost programs to meet all those training needs.

We audit compliance

There are so many state and federal employment laws and regulations that an employer cannot keep track of them all. We will audit your policies and practices to make sure that they comply with current requirements, and keep you up to date on changes in those requirements as they occur.

We prepare employee handbooks

Every employer should have an employee handbook that explains the employer’s policies and workplace rules. We will create a handbook specifically tailored to your business for a reasonable flat fee.

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